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College football player seen body-slamming Ohio officer in dashcam video

Video appears to show an Eastern Kentucky University football player pick up and slam an Ohio police officer to the ground. Michael Harris, 19, is facing multiple charges, including disorderly conduct and felony assault of a police officer, after the incident in Grove City, Ohio, on Monday, according to a police report. An engineering and […]

First footage of Robert Pattinson as Batman revealed

Director Matt Reeves revealed the first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman in his coming “The Batman.” In the new footage, set to an ominous score by composer Michael Giacchino, Pattinson steps into a dark frame saturated in red light as his sleek and angular Batman suit slowly comes into focus. Pattinson told Variety’s Ramin […]

As one Princess cruise is quarantined for COVID-19, another is hit with different illness

A Princess cruise ship returned early to the Port of Everglades in Florida on Thursday due to hundreds of passengers and crew becoming afflicted with a gastrointestinal illness. The sickness among those aboard the Caribbean Princess came as another of the cruise line’s ships, the Diamond Princess, remains quarantined off Japan with more than 200 […]

Miami drive-by shooters hit two gay men and a lesbian

Two gay men and a lesbian were shot and wounded this week in Miami in a bizarre drive-by shooting. The Miami-Dade Police Department said it was not investigating the incident as a hate crime. Around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, men riding one or more all-terrain vehicles opened fire on a car with the two male victims […]

Little Brown Dog is overjoyed by astronaut’s return home

Astronaut Christina Koch wasn’t the only member of her household to be doggone happy she’s home. Koch on Thursday tweeted a heart-melting video of herself walking in the front door in Galveston, Texas, where a deliriously happy dog — tail wagging at warp speed — greeted the astronaut who had just returned from an 11-month […]

Reported coronavirus cases spiked in 1 day in China. Here’s what the numbers really mean.

A sudden rise in the number of coronavirus cases reported in China does not mean that the outbreak is accelerating dramatically. On Thursday, Chinese health officials reported the striking increase in cases: 14,840 in one day, bringing the total number of cases in the country to almost 60,000. While public health officials worldwide are concerned […]

Man who killed unarmed black man in parking lot dispute attacked in prison

The man who was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of an unarmed black man during a parking lot dispute was attacked in prison Tuesday and has been transferred to protective custody, his lawyer said. Michael Drejka, 49, was hit in the head with a sock that had a lock inside, defense attorney […]