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10 must-read Swedish books

10 must-read Swedish books We, the editors of, have put together our top 10 Swedish books for you. Ten tales of love, horror, humour and greed – we’re sure you’ll find something worth the read. Start reading  (Make note: This is not a ranking, it’s an alphabetical list by author surname.) #1 Wilful Disregard […]

Fry-up with tinned ravioli rinsed online and dubbed ‘food poisoning on a plate’

Black pudding, hash browns vs toast, smoked or unsmoked bacon. These are the banal fry-up debates we should be having to amuse ourselves in these trying times. What we should not be debating, however, is whether tinned ravioli goes on an English breakfast. But here we are. On a Facebook page called ‘Rate My Plate […]

Mum begged doctors to amputate her hand for decades after devastating car crash

Paratriathlete Nicola Wilding has been living in constant, chronic pain for the last two decades, after a life-changing car crash at the age of 22. The crash left her without the use of her right arm, but her quick thinking meant she was the only casualty. Nicola, from South Croydon, experienced a tyre blowout at […]

What to write in a Valentine’s Day card: – 21 romantic poems and quotes

Whether you love or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. And regardless of how you feel about the day, who doesn’t like getting a card? (or present, for that matter) Choosing the card can be hard enough but the real daunting task is what to write inside of it. Y’know the message that’s […]

Naughty Valentine’s Day poems and jokes to write in your cards

With Valentine’s Day now just a stone’s throw away, you wouldn’t be alone if you were rushing out to get the perfect (if not last minute) Valentine’s Day card and romantic gift. You know, the type of card that’s romantic, but not cheesy? Cheeky and funny, but not too crass? And then there’s the message […]

Lidl’s Valentine’s Day offer is perfect for those who want a cosy night in

Lidl’s Valentine’s Day offer is making it hard to want to get dressed and go out in this wretched weather. Yes, it’s the most romantic day in the year but the best plan is one that involves home comforts. Instead of paying through the teeth for a fancy dinner in an over-crowded restaurant, why not […]

A news ban made me more anxious than ever

My mum had always warned me about reading the news. Ask her why and she’ll say the negativity will make you feel bad. I began my quest to prove her wrong as a teenager, and continued my relentless consumption of current affairs for almost eight years. It was only during a yoga course at the […]

These Galentine’s Day cards raise funds for women living in slums in Bangladesh

Even if you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14, you should definitely still be showing up for Galentine’s Day – which is today. And what better way to honour the ladies in your life (single or not) than to send them a card which helps destitute people? These e-cards will go to a special […]