Fry-up with tinned ravioli rinsed online and dubbed ‘food poisoning on a plate’

Black pudding, hash browns vs toast, smoked or unsmoked bacon.

These are the banal fry-up debates we should be having to amuse ourselves in these trying times.

What we should not be debating, however, is whether tinned ravioli goes on an English breakfast. But here we are.

On a Facebook page called ‘Rate My Plate Council Estate’, the original poster (labelled as Josh Sweet) sent in a picture of his morning meal for inspection by the discerning members.

The post, titled ‘Bacon, ravioli, sosig, hash browns and toast’ garnered attention for the breakfast pasta – and not the good kind like this carbonara.

Hundreds of people slated the dish, with one person simply saying it looked like ‘food poisoning on a plate’.

Other disparaging comments included: ‘I’ve never looked at a plate of dinner and felt so sad I could cry. Until now,’ and ‘Looks gammy and filled with disease, if a meal could be the corona virus this would be it 1/10.’

There are many things wrong with this breakfast. As one person said: ‘Not many people can f**k up toast. What a specific skill. Bravo.’

But most importantly, where did the idea for tinned ravioli come from?

If you think about it, it’s not too different to a plate of beans and toast (not mentioning again that this is, in fact, warm bread).

There are some things you just don’t mess with, though. Remember when New York Magazine called sausage rolls pigs in blankets? There was hell to pay.

A survey last year found that bacon was the most important part of an English breakfast as voted for by the general public.

Funnily enough, they didn’t happen to mention tinned pasta in their list of questions. We wonder why.